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Prepaid Electricity Recharge

Post payment for electricity usage has been well accepted practice in most parts of the world. However, developments in Prepaid Electricity technology now have the potential to create a similar revolution for Utilities, that prepaid technology did for telecom operators worldwide. Some countries, such as South Africa, Sudan, UK, Western Europe, India, Argentina, New Zealand, Malaysia have implemented successful prepaid electricity projects.


Though converting existing post paid electricity users to prepaid has proven more difficult, it is much easier to implement Prepaid Electricity in new green field projects such as new real estate developments, townships, industrial / commercial areas & non electrified areas. Often Utilities work with regulators & governments to obtain support for prepaid deployments, as it can involve disconnection of services on reaching zero balance.



Change Rules of the Game, Expand Market!

  • Flexible rating plans: Time of day, Day of week, Energy consumed, recharge value
  • Create multiple plans, assign groups of customers to each plan
  • Account recharge via scratch cards, ePINS or direct top up
  • Customizable Meter features
  • Configurable expiry & grace periods, with notification (meter screen, SMS, email)
  • Disconnection: automatic or manual, after grace period
  • Self customer care portal
  • Web based administration & reporting

Market drivers:

  • Power sector reforms: Deregulation & Competition
  • Increasing non-technical losses: Metering Errors & Tampering
  • Opportunities in newly-electrifying markets
    • > Green-field projects
    • > New Real Estate Developments & Townships - Selected industrial & commercial areas


  • Improved operational efficiencies
    • > No cost (& risks) of meter reading
    • > Eliminate administrative process of disconnection & reconnection
    • > Better appropriation control of electricity
  • Improved cash flows and revenues
  • Better customer service
    • > Eliminates billing issues & delays
    • > Removes costs of disconnection / reconnection
    • > Enables users to control use of energy

‘Control Usage, Manage Budget & Energy Better, No Billing Disputes’


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